Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Aluminum

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website or Instagram: none


Andre Ritter graduated from the Metals Program in the CSULB School of Art last spring and is showcasing his work as an alumni. His interests include reading comic books, watching The Walking Dead, and playing volleyball at the beach. Andre loves anything tiki and gets a lot of inspiration from the South Pacific. This stems from him previously living in Hawaii for seven years. He also has an eight and a ten year old son and is currently working on creating an art program at their school.

The chandelier in the picture above is a beautiful work of art created by Ritter. He utilized aluminum throughout the piece because he loves the permanence of metal. The piece also consists of sharp, straight, and clean cut lines that make geometric designs apparent. The smooth looking texture and grey color is due to the aluminum used. Ritter also describes the scale of the piece as large.

For this piece, Ritter was inspired by tropical and exotic places. He also wanted to make the chandelier appear abstract and mysterious. While talking to Andre, he stated that the chandelier reminds him of a dark and stormy evening. His love for Hawaii and other South Pacific regions greatly reflects the inspiration behind his work.

In my opinion, Andre’s art emits a rustic yet homely feel. His incorporation of tropical and Hawaiian elements makes the piece more personal because he lived in Hawaii. I think the chandelier is both practical and functional in the way that it could be placed in almost any home as decoration. Although it could be used in a home,  the practicality of the art doesn’t make it any less unique because the designs on them are one of a kind.

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