Wk 6-Art Experience- Photo Walk

On the photo walk, Dorothy McMahon showed the group CSULB’s  different water displays. First, we went to the fountain in front of the McIntosh Building. Although there wasn’t any water in it, I wanted to capture the many curved lines of the sculpture and the intricate shadows it created on the ground. Next, we walked to the water molecule fountain in front of Brotman Hall. Here I wanted to take a picture of the fountain from a lower angle so it could create an image from the ducks’ perspective. Our last stop was at the Japanese Garden. I took photos of many elements in the garden but my favorite has to be of the waterfall. I love all the greenery around the rocks and how even the rocks have a little green on them from the running water. In order to capture all the beauty of the waterfall, I took the picture from far away. Continuing with the theme of water, the image on the lower right of the collage is a photo of the pond at the garden. I loved the way the sun was glaring down at the water and you can see its reflection with the rays coming out of the sun. On the left middle of the collage, is a photo I took of a water barrel. I took this shot from above so the falling water could be seen. Lastly, the photo on the bottom left, is of three coy fishes swimming in a circle. There were numerous fish along the edge of the water, but I chose to photograph these particular fish because it appears as though they are swimming in an endless circle. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the photo walk and the tour guide, although not very talkative, was super nice!

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