Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video

For this weeks Art Experience, I partnered up with Alanna Godinez to create a video that reflects college life. We thought of what most college students do on their breaks between classes which is getting something to eat or drink! We thought it would be fun to utilize the vending machines that can be found in countless places on campus. Alanna and I recorded the process of getting some coffee at a vending machine but also wanted to incorporate different perspectives in each shot. We included each of our views from waiting in line behind her, putting in coins, pushing the desired buttons and even a cool shot from the coffee’s perspective while reaching for it. My favorite shot would have to be where you can see the reflection of my foot tapping impatiently as I wait behind her in line. Overall, I thought our simple 30 second video perfectly reflects a small yet essential part of a typical day in a college student’s life.

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