Wk 7-Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F*Art, Fiber Arts Group Show

Media: Woven cotton yarn, trash bags and metallic yarn

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website: none

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth


Alicia Keyworth is an undergrad student in the Bachelors of Arts Fiber Program and Art Education Program at CSULB.  She loves to weave, go to the beach, and play with her two cats. Her favorite animal is an alpaca and she enjoys going to the San Juan Capistrano Zoo where she can pet the alpacas. Alicia originally started as a major in graphic education but later fell in love with fiber art. She now is planning on getting her single subject teaching credential to become an art teacher.

Wasteful Growth is a wall piece that she wove on a floor loom with cotton, trash bags, and metallic yarn utilized as its materials. Alicia’s art is typically more colorful but she wanted to challenge herself with this piece by doing the opposite. The texture of the work is interestingly smooth yet rough because she used trash bags in her weaving process. If you look closely at the wall piece, you can see the incorporation of straight vertical lines.

Alicia’s work is about waste and the repurposing of items. For Wasteful Growth, she was inspired by the Pacific garbage patch. Also, the reuse of trash bags and yarn to create this piece reflects her passion for repurposing items that others may see as trash. She describes her overall style as free in the sense of materials used but structural in her process of making the art.

I found Alicia Keyworth to be an excellent artist. Her passion for recycling old items and using them in her art is expressed perfectly in her work. While talking about her piece in the gallery, Alicia came across as very passionate, driven, yet extremely friendly to the numerous students asking her questions. In my opinion, I love the fact that she uses items that some might see as useless and transforms it into something completely different. I look forward to possibly seeing more of her work!

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