Hi everyone! My name is Aquamarine and I’m the protector of the seas of Moonbase Alpha. The job of protecting the seas has been passed down to each generation in my family. I love it here on Moonbase Alpha because it is the only home I’ve ever known. For years, the sea and the citizens of the Moonbase Alpha have been at peace. There hasn’t been much danger on the planet until recently when I discovered the water supply was rapidly decreasing and the space sea creatures were mysteriously disappearing. It is my job to keep the space fish and other space creatures of the sea safe, so now my journey begins to find the root of the problem and fix it!


Lia has been a long time friend of mine and I used to show her the sea life on Moonbase Alpha. Since she knows the ins and outs of the sea, she was my first suspicion. After a long dispute, Lia assured me that it wasn’t her stealing the water supply but she said that Evangeline could have more information.


Evangeline and I have never really got along that well. With her owning a seafood restaurant, I have always been worried that she could steal the space fish and space octopus and use them as space food! But Evangeline promised me that my oceans were of no interest to her since she had another source now. That source is her brother Mr. Darhk.

Mr. Darhk

My journey continued with asking Evangeline’s brother what he knew about the whole water crisis on Moonbase Alpha. My first impression of him gave me the space-chills with just his outer evil appearance. He seems like he knows something. When I confronted him, he immediately denied any knowledge of the water crisis but with a little convincing from my space sharks, his guilt was clear. Mr. Darhk was stealing the water and space creatures of the seas to create a new ocean, one of which he would be in complete control of. Mr. Darhk has always been hungry for power, but stealing is not the way to become powerful. We came to agreement that if he returned the space fish and water to its original sea, we both could protect the seas together from real danger.


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