Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package


For this weeks art experience, we had to draw a random piece of paper from a hat with an address on it so we could send a care package to someone in our class. At first, I was a little surprised that we would have to write our address down and give it to a random person when it’s something so personal. But the overall meaning of this experience eased my worries. In my care package I included a concert ticket from a show that I attended last semester at CSULB, a band-aid because you never know when you will need one, a penguin because who doesn’t like cute penguins, and a funny Donald Duck pin that I found floating around in my desk drawer. Also, I included a card with my initial on it because I love the intricate detail on the front. Lastly, I included a rewards card to frostbites with one purchase left to get $2 off the next purchase. I found making this care package fun even though I don’t know who is going to receive it.

Sending someone an ACP is both similar and different to sending a snapchat. It is similar in the way that you get to choose what you send, where to send it, and who to send it to. But the two differ in the way that a snapchat sends instantly and you get an instant reply. With a mail, it may took up to a couple of days to send out and even longer to receive a response. Therefore, sending a letter takes more effort and could contain more love and meaning than sending a simple snap.

I think ephemera is an interesting topic because everyone finds different meanings in different things. A random movie ticket could mean nothing to one person and to another person it could be a ticket to their favorite movie or even a first date with someone special. So, I believe there are meanings in everything but it might not be the same from one person to the next.

In my opinion, art seen by more people has a greater effect than art seen by one person. I see it as when people come together, they are stronger than if one person were to stand alone. That being said, art doesn’t have to be seen by many people because it might be something that only you see as special and find meaning in, similar to ephemera.


WK 13- Classmate Conversation-Leslie Echiveste

IMG_1647This week I met Leslie Echiveste. She is a second year at CSULB and a criminal justice major. Leslie is from Long beach and went to Wilson High School. At the moment, she isn’t quite sure of what career she will end up in but she knows that she will be successful in whatever she choses. Although Leslie took this course for GE credit, she loves the activities each week and really enjoys art! Some of her hobbies include going to the beach, cooking, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite color is red and she loves to listen to almost every genre of music. Leslie is a super nice person to talk to and I’m glad I met her!



Wk 13- Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: No name

Media: found objects, plaster, clay, wood

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @nickbamf4d


Nick Bamford is an undergrad student in his last year in the BFA ceramics art program. He is from Huntington Beach and fell into his love for art in high school. Nick always enjoyed art as a kid but taking a ceramics class in high school greatly deepened his passion for art. His interests of building things and experimenting with objects stems from his love for art. Nick especially enjoys sculpting and finds joy in creating new things from a simple block of clay.

Nick’s largely scaled art work is a combination of various found objects, plaster, clay and wood. Each of the pieces include sharp, and jagged edges as the different objects come together. Nick’s use of vibrant colors such as lime green, neon orange, magenta and electric blue really captures the audience’s attention. He chose to utilize neon lights because he has always liked black lights and finds that it brings a more artistic meaning.

His art work isn’t inspired by anything in particular but instead, each of the objects used in his sculptures are from his own life whether it be random or not. Therefore, the art pieces Nick creates are somewhat personal to him. Although there is no definite meaning, Nick encourages onlookers to take in each sculpture and interpret their own meaning and relate it back to his or her life. Nick also describes the objects in the art work as exploring different concepts of use and putting things to use for a different purpose.

Overall, I found Nick’s sculptures to be extremely captivating with his unique use of bright colors and random objects. I also found that placing the self-lit sculptures in a dark gallery greatly increased its appeal. In my opinion, I see the dark gallery as the world we live in and the brightly lit sculptures as treasures or joy’s each person can find in life if they just look. I loved Nick Bamford’s exhibit and I look forward to seeing more art from him!



Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Symone Pallett

IMG_1598This week I met Symone Pallett! She is a first year at CSULB and is majoring in Speech and Language Pathology. She chose this major because her mom is a Speech and Language pathologist assistant and she often saw what she does and fell in love with it. Symone enjoys this field because gets to help others communicate. She also is currently working as a receptionist in a mental health clinic, where she meets all kinds of different people. She loves to travel and hopes to go to Europe in the future to visit Paris. Symone has a younger sister who is a junior in high school. Also, she has two dogs, like myself, named Buddy and Jessie and a cat named chewbacca. On her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, going kayaking, hiking, sleeping, and reading. Symone is a super friendly person and I’m glad I met her!


Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Tiffany Le


Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: TÁU

Media: canvas, water colors, acrylic, charcoal

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://letealeaf.prosite.com

Instagram: @letealeaf


Tiffany Le is a graduate student in her last semester at CSULB and an illustration major in the MFA program. After she graduates in May, Tiffany plans on doing some freelancing and taking time to work on her personal projects. She was born in the United States unlike her parents who had a tough past in Vietnam and fled as refugees. Some of Tiffany’s interests include Japanese fencing, hiking, and going to different art galleries. She also has two bunnies that she loves to dress up and play with.

Tiffany’s work consists of canvas, prints, water color pencils, acrylic and charcoal. Each of her drawings include smooth, fluid lines that represent the dark water and bright fire in the pictures. In contrast of the soft lines used in her drawings, the sail boats in her art piece are folded sharply with pointed and structured edges. The use of canvas and paper in the art work creates an almost light and airy feel which greatly differs from the deep meaning behind the pieces.

Her art work is inspired by the story of her family fleeing Vietnam as refugees. Tiffany talked about how the trauma in the Vietnam War is not really taught in schools so she didn’t know much about the past of her family. Once informed by her parents of their tremendous struggle, Tiffany decided to incorporate their story and the stories of others into her art work. Many people attempted to leave Vietnam by boats although most would push people back with oars to avoid being drowned by the countless others trying to climb aboard. The boats in her art pieces represent a means of escape but also the great change that came into her family’s life after their tough journey.

Overall, I found Tiffany’s work to be appealing in both appearance and meaning. As she told the inspiring story of her family, I couldn’t help but be amazed at their hard work for a better life. This resonates with me in the way that my family also had to fight for hope of a better future when they left Mexico. Although both stories and journies are different, the end goal of searching for a better life with opportunities are the same. I found Tiffany Le’s art work to be a beautiful reflection of her family that people can both enjoy and relate to with their own struggles, whatever they may be.




Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

This week’s art experience was something completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. Marta Troya came up with the idea to visit the CSULB library and bookstore and basically challenge the space we were in. In the library, we sat in the the computer area and simply read large children’s books. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal since we were just reading in a library but people were staring in confusion. Although a library is typically meant as a place where you’re supposed to read, the workers there grew slightly angry as if reading children’s books was not allowed. We could not document this experience and I feel as though it caused me to actually be in the moment instead of worrying about taking a picture.

Next, as a class we went to the bookstore and first discussed how it was strange that there weren’t many books actually being sold. Marta definitely opened up my eyes with this experience as I walked around the bookstore and saw sweatshirts being sold, lounge areas and other merchandise for sale but the actual books were in a small section in the back of the store. I found that photographing this experience did not necessarily take away from the activity because I was more aware of my surroundings due to Marta’s insight that she shared before walking in.

We can document experiences like these simply by memory to make sure that you are fully living in the moment. But I also feel that documenting with photos and words can capture an experience more permanently where as a memory can fade away. I also think that the style of words or images do matter because the way you portray something can give different meanings. Overall, I fully enjoyed this experience because it opened up my mind and eyes to the different natures of a space.