Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

This week’s art experience was something completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. Marta Troya came up with the idea to visit the CSULB library and bookstore and basically challenge the space we were in. In the library, we sat in the the computer area and simply read large children’s books. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal since we were just reading in a library but people were staring in confusion. Although a library is typically meant as a place where you’re supposed to read, the workers there grew slightly angry as if reading children’s books was not allowed. We could not document this experience and I feel as though it caused me to actually be in the moment instead of worrying about taking a picture.

Next, as a class we went to the bookstore and first discussed how it was strange that there weren’t many books actually being sold. Marta definitely opened up my eyes with this experience as I walked around the bookstore and saw sweatshirts being sold, lounge areas and other merchandise for sale but the actual books were in a small section in the back of the store. I found that photographing this experience did not necessarily take away from the activity because I was more aware of my surroundings due to Marta’s insight that she shared before walking in.

We can document experiences like these simply by memory to make sure that you are fully living in the moment. But I also feel that documenting with photos and words can capture an experience more permanently where as a memory can fade away. I also think that the style of words or images do matter because the way you portray something can give different meanings. Overall, I fully enjoyed this experience because it opened up my mind and eyes to the different natures of a space.


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