Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, transparencies, litho stone

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none


Nancy Young is graduating from CSULB at the end of the semester and is in the BFA Printmaking Program. Besides art, some of her interests include listening to music and taking care of dogs. Nancy also works as a programmer for the City of Orange in addition to attending school. She was brave enough to open up about her past substance abuse and bipolar disorder and the impact it had on her life. Nancy discussed that it had held her back from fully committing to school which is why it has taken her a while to complete her degree.

Nancy’s art work consists of a variety of prints using different techniques such as lithography and a photopolymer plate. In some of her pieces, she etched her designs and then wiped ink over it to make the details come to life. The lines of her art work are both smooth and sharp like in the photos of the crows. The media she utilized includes paper, ink, transparencies, and litho stone. Nancy’s small scaled and rough textured metal art plates were able to bookmark parts of her life.

Young’s pieces of art were inspired by the personal issues that she has had to overcome. This grief and loss includes the death of her husband about 9 years ago, and her companionship with her dogs. Nancy also stated that she does not look to the internet for inspiration because she wants to be unique with her art. Another source of inspiration were the places in which Young completed some of her art work, which included a workshop in Santa Ana, Irvine, and other beautiful places. She wanted to create her pieces in order of the locations she traveled to which is why the art work is displayed in a special order.

Overall, I found Nancy to be an an excellent artist and an inspiring person in general. She overcame many obstacles and still has managed to complete her education while maintaining her outside work life. The repeated use of crows in her art work also resonated with me because I too have a strange fascination with them. They fly from place to place and continue their journey to a different location which what we all must do in life eventually. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see Nancy Young’s amazing art work!


Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Ramtin Yousefi

IMG_1750This week I met Ramtin Yousefi. It’s his last semester here at CSULB  and he’s majoring in Civl Engineering. Ramtin is originally from Iran but he moved to the United States about 5 years ago. He’s an outgoing person who loves to go out and have fun with his friends. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer and watching Netflix. We also talked about how we both love to visit new places and hope to travel more in the future. Ramtin also enjoys meeting new people making new friends pretty much everywhere he goes. A random fact about him is that he is twenty-seven years old. I’m glad I had the chance to meet Ramtin this week. Check out his blog!


Wk 14-Art Experience-Sketching in the Garden

Abstract Photos

Representational Photos

Abstract Drawings

Representational Drawings

I found this week’s art experience to be both relaxing yet stressful. I was in a relaxing environment at the CSULB Japanese Garden but I still felt stressed about the actual drawings I had to sketch because I don’t think I’m an “artist.” I also found it a bit challenging to think abstract when taking photos and drawing the sketches. My favorite abstract photo was the first photo of the duck flapping around in the water and crashing into the coy fish because I thought it looked amusing. For the sketches, I think the detailed coy fish was my favorite and also the hardest for me to draw. Overall, I enjoyed this experience because it challenged me by having to explore out of my comfort zone and draw.