Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

I found this weeks art experience with Instagram as really fun and easy to do since most people today use insta on a daily basis. Throughout the day I posted different pictures like one from the art galleries, one from having lunch with my best friend, one of the escalators from the end of the day and lastly a picture of my dog Lola. When I searched up #art110s16, I noticed that there were some similarities between the posts of each student. There were a few posts of people’s cute pets like the one I posted! Also, there were many pictures of food, and the art by Helen Werner Cox. Overall, I think our “Group Portrait” was definitely connected and created a small community of the art 110 class! 🙂

Wk 10- Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paint, pastels, prints

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Website:  http://www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: none

Helen Werner Cox is a graduate student in her last semester at CSULB. She is in the MFA drawing and painting program. On her free time, Helen enjoys gardening and reading both fiction and mystery novels. She taught for thirty years as an art teacher and librarian at a high school and middle school in Boston, Massachusetts. Helen grew up in New York State outside Ithaca and at the age of eighteen she attended school in Boston in BU Fine Arts. She moved to California for the weather since she was tired of snow and rain in Massachusetts.

Helen’s work utilizes oil paint, pastels and prints. To create the line drawing of the carousel horses, Helen uses shading in different places along with warms, cools, lights, and darks. The lines of the drawing are sharply curved and are done with pastels on top of oil paint because she discovered that using only pastels takes up too much time. Helen stated that the she found the easiest way to keep track of her ideas is with a schedule to keep everything organized.

Her art pieces take inspiration from antique carousels carved in the early 1920’s. Each of the horses in her drawings have their mouths wide open with their tongues out as if they’re screaming. She connects these ideas to adults in society today and how it seems as though they are all on constant merry-go-rounds in their life. For the flower shaped image of the ceiling, Helen researched in Griffith Park for inspiration.

Overall, I found Helen to be an extremely talented artist! Her skills are amazingly shone in the detail of her work. Creating such large art pieces takes much time and effort which she definitely put in. I think the meaning behind her art deeply resonates with me in the way that I feel I’m on a non-stop and very repetitive carousel with school. I can also see a lot of other people connecting with her unique art pieces.


Wk 10- Classmate Conversation-Mia Miller


This week I met Mia Miller. She is a freshmen here at CSULB like myself! Her major is in film and she is thinking about also having a minor in something. We talked about how it is beneficial to have a minor as well but the only downside is that it might take longer to graduate. Another thing Mia and I have in common is that we both love to travel. She’s been to Hawaii, which is one of the places I hope to travel to in the future. In addition to Hawaii, she has also been to places like London, and Ireland! Mia is extremely friendly and I’m glad I had the chance to meet her. 🙂

Check out her blog: https://thehoaxreaper.wordpress.com

Wk 9- Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Copper and Silver (Metals)

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website or Instagram: none


Sean Cabanig is an undergrad at CSULB in the BFA metals program. It is her last semester at Long beach and her first show. She is from Los Angeles but currently lives in Long beach. Cabanig first applied to CSULB as a creative writing major then later changed to studio art and finally switched to the metals program. She loves cats, reading, and painting on her free time. Sean has been working with metal for about four years but has always loved art in general.

Cabanig’s work utilizes different types of metal that include copper and silver. Each of the pieces she creates have a variety of shapes, sizes, and texture. The choker necklace incorporates the smooth draping of a metal chain and curved lines of the balls. The straight bars on the chain, however, contrast with the overall theme of the necklace. All of her work is made with extreme detail and patience. This is apparent in the platelike pieces that include beautifully hand created flower designs.

Sean’s art pieces reflect the inspiration she receives from her daily life and environment. She also finds it important to include humor in her work. Although their is no deeper meaning to her pieces, they do show her emotional moments. In her choker piece, Sean wanted to emit pain and intense emotion with the use of small chains and bronze balls. Each of her works include the long process of a concept sketch, discussion, and various models before creating a final piece.

Overall, I found Sean’s art as intriguing and beautiful. She is very detailed in her work process and it definitely shows in each of the pieces she creates. Sean does not believe in sitting around and waiting for opportunity or inspiration to come, instead she takes action. This is something that I have come to admire in her because I myself find it hard to not overthink everything in my life. I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future!

Wk 9- Classmate Conversation-Shannon McGuinness

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.47.43 PM

This week I met Shannon McGuinness! She is a first year here at CSULB but technically a sophomore from her credits. Her major is business management. Some of her interests include going to the movies with friends, playing video games, and listening to music. She also loves to sing as a hobby! We talked about how we both like meeting new people and trying new things even though at times it could be scary. She has one dog named Mika but would love to have more dogs in the future. Check out her blog: https://art110shanmc.wordpress.com



Hi everyone! My name is Aquamarine and I’m the protector of the seas of Moonbase Alpha. The job of protecting the seas has been passed down to each generation in my family. I love it here on Moonbase Alpha because it is the only home I’ve ever known. For years, the sea and the citizens of the Moonbase Alpha have been at peace. There hasn’t been much danger on the planet until recently when I discovered the water supply was rapidly decreasing and the space sea creatures were mysteriously disappearing. It is my job to keep the space fish and other space creatures of the sea safe, so now my journey begins to find the root of the problem and fix it!


Lia has been a long time friend of mine and I used to show her the sea life on Moonbase Alpha. Since she knows the ins and outs of the sea, she was my first suspicion. After a long dispute, Lia assured me that it wasn’t her stealing the water supply but she said that Evangeline could have more information.


Evangeline and I have never really got along that well. With her owning a seafood restaurant, I have always been worried that she could steal the space fish and space octopus and use them as space food! But Evangeline promised me that my oceans were of no interest to her since she had another source now. That source is her brother Mr. Darhk.

Mr. Darhk

My journey continued with asking Evangeline’s brother what he knew about the whole water crisis on Moonbase Alpha. My first impression of him gave me the space-chills with just his outer evil appearance. He seems like he knows something. When I confronted him, he immediately denied any knowledge of the water crisis but with a little convincing from my space sharks, his guilt was clear. Mr. Darhk was stealing the water and space creatures of the seas to create a new ocean, one of which he would be in complete control of. Mr. Darhk has always been hungry for power, but stealing is not the way to become powerful. We came to agreement that if he returned the space fish and water to its original sea, we both could protect the seas together from real danger.

Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Lainie Le


This week I met Lainie Le! She is a first year at CSULB and is undeclared but leaning towards possibly majoring in business. She loves to sleep and take naps on her free time as well as watch Youtube videos. Her favorite beauty guru to watch on Youtube is Desi Perkins although she doesn’t wear makeup herself. Lainie is a full time student and she commutes 30 minutes from home to school everyday. We both enjoy this class and are glad we are taking it this semester. She only has one sibling, a younger brother named Eric in middle school. Some of her favorite places to eat include Korean BBQ and Chipotle, even with the whole meat scandal going on. Lainie also enjoys drinking Boba and Starbucks. Lastly, we talked about our pets and we both have two dogs! She has two chihuahuas named Pokey and Coco. 🙂


Wk 8- Artist Conversation-Luis Arias

Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: The Weaving Machine

Media: Wood & Fiber

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website or Instagram: none


Luis Arias is a student in the Fine Arts Wood program at CSULB and is set to graduate in May. He was born in El Salvador and moved to the U.S. as a kid after the invasion of his country in the 80’s. Luis loves to travel, especially to Europe and places like Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Romania. He also enjoys immersing himself in the different cultures and languages of the countries he travels to. Additionally, Arias makes bowls, maracas and other musical instruments. He even replicated a small yoyo and made it a much larger scale while maintaining its working ability.

Arias’ work includes two deck chairs, wooden stands and a handmade loom which he used to make all of the pieces in the exhibit. He utilized both wood and colorful woven fabric in many of his pieces. Although all works are untitled, Arias says that each is self explanatory because he wants the pieces to be functional and able to be used by many. In the woven stool and box, Luis incorporates geometric forms and sharp lines in his design. Using the loom he built himself, Luis created each of the pieces with extreme accuracy and precision which is clear in all of the work shown.

The works in the exhibit are both art pieces and practical items that can be used in everyday life. Luis made it evident that is no real deeper meaning to the pieces he makes, but instead he wishes to create a variety of items that people can enjoy. The unique and original works he creates can not be found in general stores such as Ikea or Walmart because it is all handmade and completely different than what is being sold today.

Luis Arias is a passionate artist that puts a lot of work and thought into each of the pieces he makes. I find that his work projects the idea of being yourself and not following what the majority of others are doing. Instead of following the mainstream art work, Arias’ sticks to his individuality and perfectly represents this in the various items he makes with his own two hands. I would love to have a unique, colorful deck chair or even a beautifully woven stool made by Luis Arias in my future home.


Wk 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

I can honestly say that this week’s art experience was something I had never done or even thought of doing before but it was definitely enjoyable. My partner for this assignment was my cousin Tanya. We sat down with our legs crossed and knees touching which did start up some small giggles because we were sitting so close. We sat and held the color pencil for about 10-15 minutes total. At first, we held the pencil towards the bottom, waited 5 minutes and it hadn’t moved at all. So instead of having a tight grip and the bottom we thought it would be a better idea to hold it gently at the top to hopefully allow some movement. After sneezing a couple of times and holding in our laughs, the end result was some small swirly lines in the center of the huge blank paper. I was actually expecting the pencil to move bit more and create more marks on the paper. Although the end result wasn’t what I had expected,  I do like the simplicity of the little red drawing in the center of the paper.


Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video

For this weeks Art Experience, I partnered up with Alanna Godinez to create a video that reflects college life. We thought of what most college students do on their breaks between classes which is getting something to eat or drink! We thought it would be fun to utilize the vending machines that can be found in countless places on campus. Alanna and I recorded the process of getting some coffee at a vending machine but also wanted to incorporate different perspectives in each shot. We included each of our views from waiting in line behind her, putting in coins, pushing the desired buttons and even a cool shot from the coffee’s perspective while reaching for it. My favorite shot would have to be where you can see the reflection of my foot tapping impatiently as I wait behind her in line. Overall, I thought our simple 30 second video perfectly reflects a small yet essential part of a typical day in a college student’s life.